Navigating Life’s Challenges with a Disability as a Young Person

We all face different challenges in life. These challenges can be especially difficult for those with disabilities. For example, people with disabilities may face increased difficulties finding accessible housing, educational and employment opportunities, and social and recreational activites. This can be because of a lack supports available, lack of awareness and unfair discrimiation by those in the general public. In addition to these obstacles, young people with disabilities can often struggle to find an identity and place in society. Let’s explore some common challenges young people with disabilities face and learn how to tackle them head-on.

Employment Opportunities

Finding employment can be challenging for anyone, but it is especially difficult for those with disabilities. There is a lack of understanding among employers about how to make their workplaces more inclusive of individuals with disabilities. Therefore, it is vital for companies to work towards creating a more inclusive workplace that can cater to those with disabilities, and for young people with disabilities to try learn about the laws that protect their rights as disabled employees.

Additionally, participants can become proactive in seeking job opportunities tailored to their specific needs by accessing support services, and disability specific job recruitment services such as AMP

Accessibility Issues

One of the biggest challenges faced by those with disabilities is accessibility. From physical barriers like stairs and narrow doorways to digital ones like websites not optimized for screen readers, accessibility issues abound in our society. Fortunately, some steps can be taken to make life easier for those with disabilities. For example, businesses can make their spaces more accessible by installing ramps or elevators and ensuring that pathways are wide enough for individuals using wheelchairs or walkers. They can also use technology such as voice recognition software or mobile apps to make it easier for those who have difficulty typing, reading or using a mouse.

Navigating Accessible Housing

Accessible housing can be hard to come by for many individuals who have physical or mental disabilities due to limited availability or affordability issues. While some NDIS participants have access to funding which can pay for accessible housing, many participants need to find suitable housing in other ways. Many local councils provide public housing specifically designed for those who are disabled or have special needs, however this type of housing can sometimes be challenging to find and apply for. Disabled people can utilise support services to help them advocate and find this type of housing and remove barriers as much as possible. Rainbow disabilities is a disability support service run by people with disabilities themselves, who are able to completely understand your goals and needs, and help you find disability friendly accommodation.

Educational Resources

Young people with disabilities often struggle with accessing higher education due to inadequate resources available at universities and education centres across the country. The NDIS has provided funding for participants who wish to gain qualifications through education and training. If your goal is to access education, you can talk to your support network, such as your support coordinators to advocate for you and apply for this funding.

Navigating life as a young person living with a disability can be daunting at times. Still, it doesn’t have to be impossible if you connect yourself with the right supports. Navigating through life with a disability may seem overwhelming at times, remember you are not alone.

Rainbow Disabilities is a care provider owned and operated by people with disabilities, so we completely understand the challenges you are facing and are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

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