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Rainbow Disabilities Support

Where trust and dedication are our true motivation.

Rainbow Disabilities Support began with a desire to make a positive change in the sector. As a long-time NDIS participant, our Co-Founder Steven realised that most companies in the sector don’t take a person-focused approach. In his experience as a service user, often providers prioritise their bottom line rather than the person they’re caring for. Steven decided that needed to change.

As a person who has lived with mental health problems, Steven believes that people deserve better from their care experience. Because of this, he wants his care company to take a holistic approach to the way they help others. Rather than encouraging employees to clock-watch, Steven gives them the freedom to dedicate extra time to their service users. As a result, he hopes to bring positive change to the industry.

About Us
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At our care company, we believe that all patients can benefit from a more loving and caring approach. We treat people as the individuals they are, not as numbers that add to our balance sheet. By listening to our patients’ needs and shaping our services around them, we hope to transform community care for the better.

At Rainbow Disabilities Support, we believe that you deserve to live a life that’s fulfilling. We also want to help you live life on your own terms. If you want a care experience that’s more loving, come to us.


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